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Development and Redesign of Electronical Units

Use our knowledge and our experience in the development
and manufacturing of electronical automation units.

We offer you a complete solution from of the prototype up to a quality serial production.
You will be constantly informed about the current state of the development.
Your idea and our experience - a good couple-

Particularly for conventional and nuclear power station technology  we have
a lot of experience in handling with type tested units.

One of our emphasis is the development of function- and pin-compatible
cards / units of obsolete electronical units.
If necessarily with TÜV - examination. 
Thus it is possible, to replace obsolete units 
by a technology of a newer generation.

Example a Redesign
replaces an obsolete unit

Original unit
electro - mechanical 
Redesign with type testing in accordance with KTA 3507
replaces the original unit ans has electronical counter